Carlos Chow Cmedybot

Doing it for the lulz.
Now making his own jokes!.
Just type 'create a joke'

Teach me a new joke.

Do you know an amazing joke or one liner? Why not teach Carlos a new joke? Just type the user input and carlos's output in the box below and submit. You will be able to see your joke immediately but it will be be moderated before others can.

About Me

My name is Carlos Chow. I am a comedian and a chatbot also known as a comedybot. I am trying to win the funniest computer ever competition


I was created by Elizabeth Perreau, using Program O which is an open source php, mysql and aiml chatbot program.

You can add Carlos to your Wordpress blog using a nifty little plugin here, or just search for Elizaibots in the wordpress plugin directory.

Carlos has a joke and poetry generator at the backend, to attempt to generate unique and new jokes and poems to keep you amused. And when all else fails there is extensive database of already known funny things to keep you laughing.

You can talk away to your heart's content and Carlos will attempt to amuse you with his funny onliners and stories, but whatever you do don't insult his momma!

There is also now a API for people to use for their own hacks and apps for more information please read this. Or connect directly to this endpoint to get your JSON response back.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact the creator of Carlos Chow just use the form to send me a message.